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Priscilla Bacon Lodge Hospice

Client: Morgan Sindall

Value: £1.5M

Expected Completion Date March 2023

The construction of a new 24-bed hospice to include cut & fill to an existing site, all foundation works, RC protection slab to the existing culvert, RC ground floor slab, all associated services, 2 new car parks, and access roads, infiltration basin, hard landscaping to garden grounds, pump station and associated off-site access works within the existing Norfolk & Norwich Hospital.

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Priscilla Bacon_6455
Priscilla Bacon Lodge – Newalls
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Priscilla Bacon_6150
Priscilla Groundworks
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Priscilla Bacon_6413
Priscilla Bacon_5802
Priscilla Bacon_6411
Priscilla Bacon_6213
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