Our experience spans across many sites in the region, and we are delighted to provide you with case studies or connect you with past clients. Our civil engineering team supports you throughout your project by managing waste, providing new materials, and deploying a skilled team to operate equipment and finish the job to a professional standard.


We can provide you with one of the widest ranges of decorative, binding, stabilising, and recycled aggregates in the area. We supply both primary and secondary aggregates. Our muck-away operations cater to both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. In addition, our plant means that we can provide a one-stop service for your site.

Plant Hire

We provide a wide range of construction equipment and machinery for rent, with or without operators. Our team also offers valuable advice on the most affordable equipment for your specific site.

Priscilla Groundworks


The types of projects we are recommended for include;
• RC Structures
• Deep drainage
• Sewage connections
• Private driveways
• Concrete swimming pools
• Foundations and concrete slabs
• Site strips and remediation

We can advise you on aggregates or plant hire throughout your project. Many clients use us and our recommended suppliers for multiple services as this is much more cost-effective than managing multiple contractors